Buy British Campaign Launched for British Pork

British Pig Farmers have launched a banner campaign urging shoppers to look for the red tractor when buying their pork, bacon, ham and sausages.

At present most pig farmers are losing about £20 on every pig they sell. This is largely due to the huge increase in price of wheat, which has more than doubled in the last five months, causing feed prices to soar.

But most supermarkets and processors are paying the farmers beneath the cost of production. This needs to change.

We hope that by making more of a conscious effort to buy British higher welfare pork, ideally from their local butcher, failing that making sure the pork they buy from their supermarket has the red tractor on, consumers will give these processors and supermarkets a clear message that British customers want British pork.

If demand goes up, the price to the farmer will go up. If the price remains the same, about 70% of British Pig Farmers will have to hang up their boots in the next 24 months.

Reasons to buy British –

  • British welfare standards are much higher (which incidentally is why imported meat is so much cheaper). About 80% imported meat in supermarkets is produced in a way that would be illegal in Britain.
  • The quality of British is far superior, largely due to the use of outdoor breeds. Most imported meat is produced using breeds purely for maximum yield, which also lowers their costs of production, whereas the British are more focused on eating quality.

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